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Tim lives and works on Orcas Island, the Gem of the San Juans, with his wife Sonia and their dog Helen. If you see him at the ferry landing, he’ll sign a book.

Doom Saloon was originally inspired by In-N-Out Burger. Really good food and a really simple menu. Just a few things, but done very well. Bud, Coke, Jack and Marlboros were the only items available at the gritty bar. Why the Middle East? Because that’s where the religious tension is. Especially in conservative areas where alcohol is frowned upon — or forbidden. So we have this clash of cultures in a food and drink place within the greater context of religious war.


Melodyland Opposite Disneyland

A humorous narrative of a teenager’s life in a mega church. Full of wit, sarcasm and unbelievable twists, this is quick reading. Follow the antics of Jeff and Greg as they navigate through the power structure of one of America’s most renowned churches of the 1970s. You’ll laugh till you cry. (Corny saying. Email me if it doesn’t suit you.)

Still to come…

We’ve got a lot in the pipeline.

The Presidio of San Gabriel is now on the back burner. Not forgotten, just simmering — in my brain. Tabo Lopez and Manuel de Maseca y Herdez plot the secession of several Southern California counties from the USA.

Derek Crane, (working title Ant Crane). The writing is finished, but a MAJOR edit needs to be made to collate and conflate three parts into one book. This is the tale of one man who goes into a coma and his journey into inner space in an ant colony. In the real world, doctors try their best to keep him alive. Sign up for excerpts.

The Golem of Fairfax. This picks up where Ant Crane leaves off. Derek Crane comes back to LA from Sonora, Mexico. He wants further clues about his mysterious mailman who was shot dead in Crane’s front yard, sending Crane into the coma. In the quasi-hysteria of seeing a very, very small man crawl out from a crack in the wall of Esther’s Kosher Poultry on Fairfax, John Malkovich assumes the role of a calm, level-headed voice to the gathering. This book is about half done. I am being very careful in describing the Orthodox / Kabbalistic culture and rituals surrounding the appearance in LA of what may be an actual golem.

Ferry Tells. This will be my next book. Non-fiction stories, episodes, dirty-secrets and, as Anthony Bourdain would have it, exposing the underbelly of working at the Orcas Island Ferry Terminal. Sign up for excerpts.

Sayings, Adages & Proverbs. A page by page reader. Each saying about 700 words on one page. Stuff like: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Or, A penny saved is a penny earned. This is about half done, but makes great material for my marketing efforts as I use these one-pagers in a folded brochure to give away. Sign up for these little gems of wit and folderol.

The Purple Thread of the Worshipful Order of Mercers. Ok. Ran out of time to give a synopsis. Roy came up to the upper booth to give me a break. Anyhow, this guy comes back to England from Jerusalem and claims to have some purple thread from Solomonic times which he will weave into Queen Elizabeth’s dress.

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